Clay is an obsession, its ability to take and hold form never ceases to amaze me, allowing us to only be limited by our imagination and our ability, which encourages continuous learning. 

My work is very heavily influenced by nature and my personal challenge is to try and bring to life my interpretation of its beauty using this wonderful medium.

For a long time I’d felt that ceramics deserved and needed to be exhibited independently of other forms of art, and there are a lot of excellent ceramic galleries doing just that, however, not in Norfolk.

Along with my business partner and with a huge amount of support and help from my amazing husband we started “Fire and Flux Ceramics” a gallery dedicated to the promotion and development of ceramics. We exhibit and sell work by a wide selection of talented, well-respected and renowned ceramic artists, we also have a teaching studio and studio spaces available for rentals.

You can find me most days at "Fire and Flux Ceramics" which is in the heart of Norwich's historic lanes.

If you'd like to find out more about the Gallery please follow the above link.

Enjoy a look around and please get in contact if you want any information about any of my work or to discuss commissions. 

Gwyn 🥰

Contemporary Ceramics


Studio Potter



 We visited the beautiful "Monte Palace Tropical Gardens" in Madeira and found the mineral exhibition breathtaking and inspirational This work was inspired by that visit. 

Taken from their website

"Man has always been deeply fascinated by minerals and they have continued to rouse our interest as we have discovered the treasures hidden in the depths of the earth. Moved by this fascination and by a huge passion for collecting, José Berardo has spent 15 years amassing a magnificent assortment of minerals.

Determined to share yet another passion with the public, he has set up this exhibition, which consists of about 700 mineral specimens, mostly from Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Peru, Argentina and North America.

This exhibition boasts a vast mineral collection that excels in its association of colours, lustre and geometrical forms in a wide variety of sizes, giving the items an extraordinary beauty. 

Some of the items are displayed in hollows designed to imitate the environment in which the minerals form in the depths of our planet. Others are “suspended” in air, giving the sensation that we are entering a planetary space where rocky masses gravitate freely.

When visiting this exhibition, you should let your imagination flow and discover Mother Nature's Secrets".


A selection of my ceramic geodes, please contact me for more information and pricing on individual pieces.

Geode Vase
Natural Amethyst Geode
Making the Geode
opening the kiln
Natural Geode form
Geode bowls
Large hollow Geode
A Geode display


My latest work is taking a different direction, with more emphasis on bright colour and sleeker lines.  I have tried so hard in the past to keep things simple, but inevitably they seemed to have evolve and develop frills curves and flowers, that are so much fun to do that I find it hard to stop and walk away, so this new work is quite a challenge for me but I'm really enjoying it.

New work


I love the play of light and pattern that these give, both free-standing with candles or as wall light with electrical fittings.

Free standing Porcelain light
Freestanding candle light
Freestanding Porcelain candle light
Freestanding candle light
Freestanding candle light
Electric mood light
Freestanding Porcelain candle light
Electric Wall hung light


Still very occasionally love playing with sculptural work, but only when the fancy takes me 😁



Thank you for visiting.

If you'd like more information about any of my work, please drop me a line, give me a ring or pop in to the Gallery and say hello.

You'll find me most days in our Gallery/Studio at

Fire and Flux Ceramics 21 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1EL, UK. where we have an amazing selection of Ceramics available on the ground floor and teach pottery and have studios available for rental on the upper floors.

Kind regards Gwyn

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